Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation


Helping children and adults with hearing loss communicate better for over twenty years.

Based in Woburn, MA, we offer training, testing, and practice for people with hearing loss who have cochlear implants and hearing aids, their families, and professionals working in related fields. 

We work with you to improve speech perception and maximize the information provided by cochlear implants and hearing aids, because technology is not always enough.


 Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc.
400 West Cummings Park – Suite 5700
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone  617-628-4537 
Email  hearf@aol.com

HRF develops and publishes innovative training  resources that are used worldwide.  

We host the biannual International Adult Aural Rehabilitation Conference.

This year’s conference is in Woburn, MA, USA.

We now offer a two-week Auditory Fellowship for post-graduate students in Audiology or Speech Pathology.

Read about the August 2018 fellowship.

Check the latest News to see what we’ve been doing in 2019. 

Tenth International Adult Aural Rehabilitation Conference 

November 3 – 5, 2019

Call for Papers extended to July 12 



Our Fika sessions are an opportunity to meet others with hearing loss to share experiences and practice listening in a group setting.

See our News for 2019 Fikas!

HRF works to improve the musical experiences of adults and children with cochlear implants.

Training for people with hearing loss is provided on an individual basis, and focuses on improving your ability to understand speech in realistic situations.

Our  fundraising campaign is active through 2019. Please support us so we can continue our mission to help people with hearing loss.

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We Hear You

Training and practice help you communicate better and give you confidence to tackle the challenging hearing situations of daily life.

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